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Advent at Heaton Baptist Church 


Come and join us at one of our many events this Christmas at Heaton Baptist Church. From Carols by Candlelight to our Christingle service there's sure to be plenty for everyone. 


10th December - Reflective Prayer Evening - 7:30pm
A reflective service to help us move away from the pressures of the season and focus on Jesus.

13th December - Acoustic Evening - 7:30pm
Bringing together an eclectic mic of the acoustic and Christmas in a marvelous way.

18th December - Blue Christmas - 7:30pm 
A service for all those who find Christmas difficult and a space to remember lost loved ones.

19th December - Carols and Mince pies - 11:30am
In build up for our final place of welcome, a chance to hear some carols and share some mince pies.

22nd December - Christingle - 5pm 
A perfect service for all ages with a chance to make your own Christingle and hear what it all means for us today.

24th December - Carols by Candlelight - 6pm
A traditional carol service.

CHRISTMAS DAY - Our advent celebrations will all come together on Christmas day as we gather together to celebrate the story of Christmas. Join us for a festive service, 10:30am at Heaton Baptist Church. A Christmas dinner will be served after the service for anyone on their own this Christmas.


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