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Latest Covid update 

Dear friends,
The elders and deacons have met in response to the UK Government Covid-19 restrictions ending in England on 19th July.
We are encouraged to see that the vaccine is weakening the link between Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths. We also recognise that Covid cases remain high in the North East, and that recent variants have had an impact on cases which remain unclear. We continue to monitor this, along with guidance from the Baptist Union, to inform our decisions.
With this in mind, we want to continue being cautious in our response to Covid. To all who join us for Sunday worship, please continue to sanitise your hands as you arrive and leave, continue to wear a facemask (unless exempt) and we will continue to practice social distancing throughout our services. We will return to singing in the service when we feel more comfortable doing so.
We are looking forward to our Sunday Junior Church and youth provision restarting in September and will keep parents informed of how we will do so safely.
If you are involved in a group which normally meets midweek at Heaton Baptist Church, please liaise with your group leader about when your group is returning, as these will vary.
We are very grateful to all those who are working to protect, care for and vaccinate the public. We continue to pray for all those affected by Covid and continue to trust in our Almighty God who loves us. 
With grateful thanks,

The elders and deacons
Sunday 25th July, 2021

Dave Tubby, 06/09/2020