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We are so grateful to all those who commit to giving their time, their gifts and their finances into the life of the church. As a Baptist church, we are solely self-sufficient in the ways we are financed, and we encourage those who are regular members of the church to contribute to the vision of the church and our activities as they feel able. 

Giving of time and gifts
There are many ways that we encourage regulars to give of their gifts and time in order to keep the church running smoothly. There are many opportunities to do this, and we currently have opportunities to serve in the following teams:

  • Welcome Team
  • Refreshments Team

To find out how to get involved in these or other parts of church life, get in touch with the church office.

Financial giving
You can give On Sundays. When the offering bags are passed around.

For more information, please get in touch with us on our Contact page.