Deepening faith 3
Deepening Faith

Tackling Christianity's impossible questions


During this Covid-19 pandemic, we've been meeting online. To join our Zoom gathering at 10.30am each Sunday, simply click on You will need a password to join the service, so simply email the church office on or call us on 0191 2657044 and we will make sure you have the password you will need. 

To help us enjoy a shared experience of worship during Sundays we cannot meet together, the worship team created a Spotify Playlist you can enjoy anytime, and maybe play before our online meeting on Sunday morning. Simply search for 'Heaton Baptist Church together' or click on (Please note if you're not on Spotify, you will need to set up an account first). 


Our current sermon series

This time has been a deeply complicated time for people. Some people have been working more intense, high-pressured hours at work, while others have been left captive in their own homes. Families have lost loved ones and have been left exhausted physically and emotionally. This time has left people with many questions about who God is and where He has been. In this series, we hope to ask some very challenging questions that the season has brought to the fore about who Jesus is, why He is important and what the point of the church is. Our series is outlined below:

13th September: What do we do with all our awkward questions?
20th September: What if Jesus was made up?
27th September: Does God make bad things happen?

4th October: Why is God so brutal in the Old Testament?
11th October: Why is the church homophobic?
18th October: How could a loving God send anyone to Hell?
25th October: Was Darwin right?

1st November: What makes Christians think Jesus is the only way to Heaven?
8th November: If God exists, why is there suffering?
15th November: Why are Christians hypocrites?
22nd November: How on Earth can you take the Bible literally?
29th November: Why doesn't God answer my prayers?

This series will initially meet on Zoom, where there will be space for discussion and reflection together. Do join us if you are able to as we tackle some of the Christian faith's impossible questions.