Together in Christ
Together in Christ

We're spending the first few weeks of 2023 in the book of Philippians. Paul's letter to the burgeoning church there was one of hope and of encouragement to draw together, to celebrate the miracle of Jesus and to look forward with joy about what God would do in them. 

All our services start at 10.30am. 

8th: Philippians 1:1-11 - Thanks and prayers
Dave will begin our new series, celebrating the Gospel fruit in the Philippian church, and helping us think about the spiritual fruit we grow. This is also our annual Covenant service, where we will be making promises about journeying into the year ahead together. 

15th: Philippians 1:12-2:4 - Christ is glorified
We think about how the Gospel proclaimed brings us together, and how to intentionally seek unity. We'll also be sharing communion today. Everyone is welcome to share in this special meal. 

22nd: Philippians 2:5-18 - The mind of Christ
Today, we'll be thinking about how we can seek to live like Jesus did. 

29th: Philippians 2:19-30 - Model Christians
We'll be looking at the examples of Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus today, and exploring how their example leads us to Christ. 

5th: Philippians 3:1-21 - Warnings

Today, we'll be thinking about how to avoid false teaching, self-righteousness and perfectionism. 

12th: Philippians 4:1-19 - Seek unity!
In today's service, we'll explore Paul's teaching on seeking unity when there are differing views within the church. 

19th: Philippians 4:10-23 - Thanks and prayers - again!
As we conclude the series, we'll be thinking about how we seek joy, with a timely reminder that we are all saints. 

26th: Lent
As Lent begins, we enter a new series to help us still ourselves and focus on Jesus.