Caring for our planet

As a church, we are increasingly aware of the detrimental impacts of human activities on the climate, on the environment and on our local & global neighbours. We now know that climate change is likely to have a catastrophic effect on our own and other species if global temperature rises are not kept below 1.5 degrees. Those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change have often contributed least to global warming; for some the crisis has come already.   

We acknowledge Jesus as the source of, the sustainer of, and the saviour of creation. Trusting in Him we want to encourage and challenge one another to reduce the damage we do to the environment and to live more sustainably. The team aims to do this through teaching, campaigning and most importantly taking action as individuals and as a church. 
There are two climate pilgrimages travelling through our region in early October, en route to Glasgow for the COP-26 summit!:
  1. An ecumenical Christian pilgrimage from Poland via Germany and the Low Countries, arrives in North Shields around 12th October  and then heads up the Northumberlan coast:
  2. The Youth Christian Climate Network relay from Cornwall to Glasgow, arrives in Newcastle on 4th October before heading into Northumberland:
Both are great opportunities to join with other Christians to demonstrate our concern about climate change. Please join for a day, a week or just  a few hours if you are able. More information can be found on their websites. 

The group was formed in Spring 2021 and is meeting monthly on-line to review progress. The main work of the group happens between meetings with individuals involved in initiatives such as:

  • Eco Church audit, 
  • Assessment of the carbon footprint of the church and its activities,
  • A Sunday morning slot promoting ideas to reduce our impact on the environment   
  • Services focussing on our relationship with the planet.
  • Campaigning.
If you would like to join the Green Team, please contact the Church Office.